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Thursday, November 18th, 2004
5:18 pm
wow. i havent updated for months but i feel like this is really important. i am in love. with a girl names khaela. she is such an amazing person. i dont know what else to say. everytime i see her i lose my breath. sigh. if only she could know how i felt. but i cant tell her. she would hate me forever, with her boyfriend and everything. but shes so cute, and smart (with computers), and funny, and... precious. if only i could tell her in a secret note or something, i guess this will have to do for now.

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004
11:23 am - that is so fetch
i dont know why i update anymore. i am sick of livejournal. maybe i will abandon it. everyone else did. well friday was awesome. seeing michael phelps in person. i dont know what to say. although he was slightly jerky, i think i can look over that. but he did wave to us, so i guess that makes me feel a little better. gosh hes so hot. saturday i had soccer. abby broke her wrist, it was pretty gross. we were back pedaling and she fell and it was all... nast. then i worked at the U with lindesy. it was so freakin busy the whole time, i thought i was going to die. but i did make 50 dollars. that leaves me... 50 minus 35 for phone bill minus 5 for tithing... 10 dollars to spend. that will buy me a nice pack of gum. then we watched mean girls, that is such a funny movie. i could watch it a million times. my old gym teacher is coming for dinner today... awkward. long story, i dont want to type it. im done. livejournal sucks. but i love michael phelps.

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
12:23 pm
wow i havent updated for a week. i am either lazy or busy. lazy. anyways, we are playing alta today, i am excited. i want to score way bad, and i want to win. beating alta would be the best thing ever. i dont want to do my english essay. oedipus is so dumb i cant write a whole essay on it. we had to put ritas top on. im glad we did though cuz i would die driving in this without it. this is all i want to type. tj is so hot.

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
9:05 pm
i dont want to type anything, but i thought i would anyways. we lost to hillcrest today. and my ankle hurt the whole time. its all blue but its not as swollen, which is good i guess. today was just one of those days, wasnt good or bad. wait, it sucked. but i did get to see tj at physical therapy. oh my, he is so hot. i should go in there all the time. i wish. hes so hot. i have a stupid oedipus test tomorrow. i hate ms mattson. shes a bad teacher and we do stupid stuff in that class. i really dont like her. i am really pesimistic today. i dont even know if thats how you spell it. who cares, cuz i dont. power school wont work and its making me really mad. gosh i feel like crap. maybe ill go die in my bed. okay not die, just do anything to make me not feel depressed. tomorrow will hopefully be better. i dont want to go to seminary tomorrow. that class is so bad. normally i like seminary, but not this tri for some reason. i swear your seminary class has to be either really good or really bad, and mine isnt just bad, it SUCKS. but ill try to have a good idea, key word try. chances are that wont happen. i wish i didnt have to go to school tomorrow. well i like one part of it. wait, make that two. wait, three. i like american history and i like seeing my friends. the other reason is secret. im so done writing, sorry for this depressing entry, hope you understand.

current mood: irritated

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Saturday, September 11th, 2004
12:34 pm - you got a deal
i dont want to update cuz that means that hot picture wont be on top anymore. oh well, you can scroll down and look at it. this week went by pretty fast. school was a lot easier this week, not as much work as the first week which is nice. im not bust ALL the time now. we actually won yesterday, can you believe that. i mean ya it was west jordan but we lost to riverton. im just happy our record is 3-4 now, a little better. and it will get even better cuz we arent as bad anymore. my mom and dad are still gone, kill me. they have been gone for almost 2 weeks, that is such a freakin long time. we dont have any food but i dont know what to buy at the grocery store. and we are out of cereal. so i just drink juice all the time. i dont think thats very good for you. oh well, at least it fills me up. last night was fun, after my game we went to the football game. we beat alta, which is a big deal i guess, i dont really know what football standards are. but im guessing it was a big game. oh sick a fly just attacked me. then we went to wendys which was fun. there are always so many people there after football games, its crazy. those cheerleaders are crazy too. then we went over to chases for a little bit and kayla was being stupid and wanted to go home. so we met jordan at seven eleven and filled up his huge mug. i tried to steal it, more than once, and i failed every time. thats okay though cuz he let me have some anyways. then i tried to steal lindesys car, which didnt work either. and kayla started leaving me and i tried to run after her on one foot, didnt work out. okay enough about that. i am bored now waiting to go to gateway. and this is long enough, so i am going to stop writing.

current mood: good

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Monday, September 6th, 2004
7:15 pm - okay lets try this again...

did it work? i hope so. i cant get over how hot he is...

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12:10 pm
no one ever updates their thing anymore, especially dani and candace. oh well, i guess it will just be me again, as always. i dont have any plans today. i was going to go to the library to get farwell to arms movie and an outside reading book, but the freakin library is closed. so i have to go to barnes and noble and buy the book, which is such a waste of money. that makes me mad. my family and scott are going to park city right now, but i have soccer so i cant go. ive already been up to park city twice this summer though so i dont really mind. i wish we had school today cuz i am bored. maybe ill drive up the canyon again.

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
8:22 pm - to brief for me to hold
hm, lets see. i have time to update again. exciting i know. so yesterday was pretty fun. my sister and brother went to logan so it was just me at home. i called kayla and candace and they came over. then brad curtis called and wanted to hang out so he came over too. lets see what did we do... oh yes, we watched some of the trashy VMA's for a while. lindesy was supposed to come over but she was helping jen answer to the dance so she didnt. then we went to go meet jordan at maverick so he could buy a mug. not just any mug, a 100 ounce mug. its so freakin big. im going to make him let me borrow it though. then we met up with leslie and went and sat in some big hole. ask kayla why, cuz i dont know. then we got bored and came back to my house. so nothing exciting, but it was still fun. im sad that we dont have school tomorrow, isnt that pathetic. anyways, went to church today. that was fun, talked to leslie most of the time. then i came back and had dinner, i ate so much. i was so full afterwards, i hate that. then i made some rice kripies with chocolate on them. i wanted to go on a walk with my walking parter, leslie, but i remembered she was in logan. so then me my sis my brother and my dog went for a drive up the canyon. it was so pretty. i am going to go up there more often. with a sweatshirt, its cold up there. but i will do that more often. anyways, now i am just sitting here, talking to kayla.

current mood: pensive

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Saturday, September 4th, 2004
11:28 am - hand out the window floatin on air
yesterday was a pretty good day. woke up, went to school, got a ride with dani cuz it was raining and rita doesnt like the rain. i even got shotgun. in american history we turned in our outlines (which took me 2 hours to write) and talked about the differences between jamestown and plymouth, and i actually knew some of the answers. so that was a fun class. then i went to english where we took a quiz, i got 8/15 and it moved my grade to a B. but dani only got 3 so i felt better. then we went to the assembly, it was boring. well not boring but not exciting. then i went to math, where i paid attention for once. we changed seats and i sit by max madsen, hes nice. and hes smart so he will help me. and mr archibald didnt give us any homework, which i was happy about. then i went to seminary, still not in danis class. i wonder what happened about that, maybe i will ask on tuesday. then lunch, had a good potato, then photo. which is always a funny class. then i just come home and sat forever with nothing to do. waiting for the football game to start. i worked on my homework a little bit. called people to see if they have a tape adapter, which i need one so if anyone has one that would be nice. then i ate dinner and went to the football game with candace. the game was so much fun and it wasnt even cold (losers that said it would be, cough cough, dani and leslie). we had fun there, suffocating people wiht blankets. and making fun of taylor. i guess we dont really make fun of her, shes just a funny person. nicole cahoon was standing right behind us so we were all making fun of jordan which was fun. then i talked to chace cannon for a while which was fun. and his sister brinn came over and we talked to her, shes so funny. we got in a fight last week but were friends again. okay it wasnt really a fight but we like to pretend. then we went to wendys where we saw sean kimsey, ughughugh. him and brianne were supposed to get married but now me and him are. hes so hot. oh and the whole in my pants got even bigger thanks to kayla. i dont think i can wear them anymore. i will try to sew them today though, those pants are just too good to get rid of. after wendys me kayla candace and brandy just came back here and played on the computer. and now i am just sitting here with nothing to do, i think i might go to gateway though cuz i want to exchange the pants i bought. im going to be home alone forever though cuz kari and taylor are going to logan. well im going to go get ready.

current mood: happy

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
4:55 pm
i havent updated this whole week, goes to show how freakin busy i am all the time. i dont have time for anything anymore, its school, soccer, homework, band workout, bed. that is my whole life from here on out. my new classes are pretty good. first i have american history, good class. no friends but it doesnt really bother me, the class is fun but a lot of homework. and ms lake rolls her eyes a lot. second i have english with dani and bryan, dont sit by either of them. third i have math, torture class. i hate math, and i found out today that allie transfered out, she took the last spot in apposhion, that beast. fourth i have seminary, no friends in that class either. but dani has it fourth too so we walk out together. and bryan walks with us everyday as well. fifth i have photo, which is stupid digital, im a little pissed off about that. but dani and candace are in that class so its fun. no soccer today so im happy about that. im going to the football game with candace which will be fun. and i think allie and jordan and those guys are going so it will be good. ill take some hot cocoa to keep me warm. allie missy and katie wanted me and lindsey to go on their triple date tomorrow, but we dont have dates. they wanted to go see napoleon dynamite, maybe ill just go by myself and accidentally see them there. jk. they wanted me to ask chase... and i laughed. jk.

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, August 29th, 2004
6:45 pm - i love my EFY cd
A - Age: 16

B - Band listening to right now: mf EFY cd, its sunday okay

C - Career/Future Career: theres a lot of things i want to be, the chances of any of them happening, zero, candace thinks im going to have a powerful job though, but i just want to marry someone and get a land rover

D - Dad's name: randy

E - Easiest person to talk to: anyone on my soccer team

F - Favorite song: hm, thats tough, but ill say title track, believer, and anything dashboard, it changes a lot though

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: worms, i had way to many gummy bears at girls camp

H - Hometown: sandy

I - Instruments you can play: can play? piano and guitar, are good at? none

J - Job: maui wowi, but ive only worked there twice

K - Kids: ya, like 80, just kidding, only like 8

L - Longest car ride ever: either california or washington, but we flew back east and drove around a ton, i guess that counts

M - Mom's name: robyn

N - Number of siblings you have: 4

P - Phobia: being buried alive, and being trapped under a horse

Q - Quote: i have a lot, but i really like, be the change you wish to see in the world - ghandi

R - Reason to smile: new shoes, thinking lindsey will be home in less than a year, its almost winter, have a good game

S - Song you sang last: probably, this bitter pill, that was funny as h

T - Time you wake up: early, like 8 in the summer, but like 5:53ish for school

U - Unknown fact about you: i can wiggle my ears! jk dani, lets see... i have a crush on mark whalberg, JK again, k serious this time, i cant think of anyone even though im sure theres a lot, i keep a lot to myself, i like seminary... i think some people knew that already but i have to leave so i had to think fast

V - Vegetable you hate: none, i love them all

W - Worst habit: being beasty, and lots of others

X - X-rays you've had: i think 2, my arm and my knee

Y - Yummy food: oh just about anything, thats why im overweight, jk, bubble gum ice cream, potatoes, cereal, hot cocoa, and jaw breakers

Z - Zodiac Sign: scorpio

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5:05 pm
so its sunday, the last day of summer. i dont really care though, i wish i didnt have to have homework, but besides that i dont mind much. and i just found out i have english with dani, weird we didnt recognize it before. but that will be good, danis first time in honors, she might get a little stressed. jk. sarah just called asking me to bring lettuce and onions to the pool party at kennedys on wednesday. i said yes. and i have to take cookies to the fireside tonight. michael phelps was in my dream last night. we were at this olympic water rugby game and i was acting so stupid and the tank was there. and we were driving in michaels escalade. weird. and i had a dream that i had 3 ear piercings and i was way embarrassed cuz i knew i shouldnt.

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Friday, August 27th, 2004
12:07 pm
i guess im updating cuz i have nothing better to do. kayla hurry up and get home so we can go to office max or wherever it is we are going. im sick of watching the same videos over and over again on mtv.com. i dont know why im typing, i have nothing to say. except michael phelps is hot. im done.

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
8:36 pm - theres plenty more fish in the sea
my computer is being very slow and annoying so if this thing ends like halfway through, its cuz i was annoyed and stopped typing. anyways, today was a very non eventful day really. just my game, which i played bad, and repeatedly got mad at myself, which is never good, and more than once yelled FREAKIN A as i chased down the girl that just beat me. the jv game was fun to watch though, and baggaley let me have her slurpee so i was excited. then i gave lindesy a ride home and we were behing the alta bus, they were all staring at us. last night was fun too. after practice we made stuff for the sophomores and took them around. and then i got home and was going to bed (at 9, no joke) and i saw sample drive up so i ran down and opened the door and she screamed and told me to shut the door. so i did and waited till she left, and there was a giant stuffed monkey on my doorstep. GIANT. and there was a banana taped to its hand, it was funny and it had a funny note on it. so i really went to bed at like 10, and then i woke up early, at like 7:15ish. so ya, thats how exciting my life is. and next week it will get even better. wake up at 6, go to school, get home at 2:50, go to practice, come home at 6, do my homework, go to bed. wow thats going to suck. oh well. at least im not kayla who just sucks at life.

current mood: frustrated

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10:35 am - ?
i dont know, i dont have anything to write about. im confused as to what is going on with everyone. i dont even care anymore. school starts soon, nothing will matter. my whole life will be consumed.

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Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:08 am - no more michael phelps?
okay... lets start with friday. we had practice early which i thought was bad because we were going to go to gateway that day but then we couldnt (which ended up being a GREAT thing, which ill explain later.) so i went to practice, we didnt really do anything but play games and stuff. so then that night i went to rio with the soccer team. it was fun, as much as i dislike cafe rio. and then we went to the football game, which was stupid. we paid 4 dollars and we only stayed for 1 quarter. and it was boring. i dont know why we went. so then yesterday, we had fitness at 8. it wasnt that bad. and then we made team goals which took forever. and then jill called and wanted me to work at the football game at the U. so im like, okay ill make some money. so my moms like, well lets go to gateway first and then you can just go straight to the U. we go down there and shop for a little bit and then we go in the gap... and guess who was there... NATE FROM EFY!!!!!!!!!! so im like freaking out and i text leslie and she doesnt believe me, i mean seriously, its nate, i wouldnt have believed her. and then she called me and was like, go talk to him. but i didnt, cuz i was too scared. and he was with someone so i wouldve felt stupid. and he probably wouldnt have remembered me. ya but i thought i would never see him again, and i did. it was crazy. and he looked hot, as always. and luckily at work skyline was on the opposite side i was so i didnt have to see anyone i didnt want to. but i did see eastin wagstaff, gag. he wanted free stuff when we were closed and i was mean to him about it. hes so stupid. guess how much tips i made the WHOLE night. one freakin dollar. isnt that stupid. im going to start tipping people now because its so bad when you dont get tips. i made like 45 bucks for the night, which is only one month of phone bills. anyways, im disappointed though that swimming is over cuz i wont see michael phelps anymore!! that makes me so sad, i wont have anything to watch. and me and kayla wont have anything to do at night. lol. well im going to go make some swedish pancakes.

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
9:27 am - i got soul, but im not a soldier
my legs hurt, and my feet. i dont have anything exciting to type about so i dont know why im entering. oh well, im bored, maybe thats why. yesterday at soccer my feet hurt so bad but i didnt want to say anything cuz i didnt want to sound stupid. and it hurt to run and amber finally asked what was wrong and i felt lame. but im sure they will feel better today. at least i hope so. so after that we had a nice team dinner. it was fun, lasagna and salad and stuff. then it started raining and i left so rita wouldnt get wet. and i came home, prepared for my usual night. watching the olympics, yadda yadda yadda. went to bed at 10... kayla. yes i did. but i had some weird dreams last night. i had a dream that we moved and i was mad and i asked my mom why and shes like, so you guys can start getting ready for when abby dies. and i was mad cuz i was like, thats a stupid reason. it was weird. anyways, game today at home, first season game. hopefully my feet stop hurting.

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
10:05 am - ughughugh
michael phelps is so freakin hot. just thought everyone should know that. dani you should come to the party me and kayla are throwing for him and his freakin hot body. lol. everyone come to my game tonight. please.

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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
8:45 pm - maybe im a little bit over my head
today was a very sunday day i guess. except we went to my cousins baby blessing, she is the cutest baby ever. i told bryan i tried to take her home with me, didnt go over to well. but trust me, it was worth trying. kayla and bryan came and visited me, which was unexpected but pleasant. nice to have kayla back after she left me for so long. its okay though, i only hung out like two times last week. and besides that i just ate dinner and watched the olympics. and yes kayla, michael phelps is hot. and hes only 19. so maybe it could happen? and i need you to make me a cd, but i only have like 5 songs right now so it might take me a while to find some more. the last mix you made me is good, so im hoping for one like that. and since you wont be needing cds anymore, i wont take no for an answer. you guys shouldve stayed a little longer and had some dessert at my house, it was so good. i had thirds. soccer is going to be bad tomorrow cuz im so tired, last monday was bad. they still havent come to get the giant bengal yet, maybe ill keep it forever, i dont know what id do with it though. my birthday is soon. and ill be 17. thats so old. i dont really want an ipod anymore though, so im thinking ill ask for a digital camera. that would be fun for me. well im going to go watch the olympics now.

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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
7:45 pm
i am so freakin tired i feel like i could die. so last night i stayed home and did personal progress, ya i know. but i got to go to bed at like 10 so that was exciting. but i had to get up at 6 this morning to go to the soccer yard sale. so i woke up and went. it was early but it wasnt that bad. some lady stole a bunch of stuff, it was funny. she acted like she lost a hundred dollar bill and was like, let me go look in my car. and she never came back. i was stuck on the jewlery table selling these nast earrings from the eighties. so i left there at 10 and went to work at maui wowi at the outdoor retailer convention. it wasnt that bad but i was standing the whole time and my legs got so tired. but i was totally fine with it cuz i knew i was making bank. i ended up making almost 100 dollars for like 7 hours of work. so i was happy. but i have to put like all of it to my phone which i can FINALLY get in september. so i am excited about that. i feel like i am so rich now, but i cant spend it or ill regret it. i think im just going to stay home tonight cuz i am SO freakin tired. i can work on personal progress some more or something. who knows.

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